Ram 1500 2017

Ram 1500 2017

Project Title: Ram 1500 2017 Detailing Project by SSS Fine Auto Detailing

Project Location: 118 Pine Valley Blvd, London, ON N6K 3W9, Canada

This detail-oriented project was performed by the dedicated team at SSS Fine Auto Detailing, recognized for their mastery in automobile detailing. They undertook an exhaustive project on a Ram 1500 2017 model, providing comprehensive exterior and interior detailing services.

The fine detailing began with a thorough exterior wash to remove dust and debris. The team then proceeded towards clay barring to eradicate embedded contamination not usually eliminated during a regular wash. The truck's exterior was sealed with a high-gloss finish for a fresh, newly-waxed look and to provide long-lasting protection. Each element, from the lights, grille to wheels and exhaust tips were meticulously taken care of.

For the interior, the Ram 1500 underwent an extensive cleaning process, involving vacuuming, steam cleaning and polishing. All seats, carpets, and mats were deep cleaned to restore color and texture. All surfaces were dusted and steam cleaned to remove stubborn stains, and finished off with a UV-protectant for preserving the interior material. Vent areas and hard to reach corners were not overlooked and were cleaned with detail brushes and special tools.

The project resulted in the Ram 1500 being restored to its former glory, polished to shine like a new vehicle. Reviews indicated customer satisfaction, praising the expert detailing services provided by SSS Fine Auto Detailing. The team was commended for their high level of professionalism, technical knowledge, and their concern for customer satisfaction.

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  • Jul 06, 2023

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