Honda civic

Honda civic

Project: Honda Civic Auto Detailing by SSS Fine Auto Detailing

Location: 118 Pine Valley Blvd, London, ON N6K 3W9

At SSS Fine Auto Detailing, located in 118 Pine Valley Blvd, London, ON N6K 3W9, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch auto detailing services. Our recent project involved the meticulous detailing of a Honda Civic. With our expertise and close attention to every detail, our team worked tirelessly to rejuvenate and protect the beloved vehicle of our valued customer.

Project Overview:

  • Exterior Detailing: Our team carefully washed the entire exterior of the Honda Civic, including wheels and tires. Following the wash, we applied a high-quality clay bar to remove any surface contaminants and ensure a smooth finish, preparing the surface for further polishing and protection.

  • Paint Correction: The Honda Civic's paint was carefully polished, swirls and scratches were removed, restoring its original shine and depth. Our team used a three-stage process that included compounding, polishing, and a finishing polish to provide a flawless mirror-like finish.

  • Paint Protection: Once the paint correction process was complete, we applied a premium paint sealant to protect the Honda Civic's paint from future damage, ensuring that it remains vibrant and glossy for an extended period.

  • Interior Detailing: The interior of the Honda Civic was thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down, including the dashboard, console, seats, and carpets. We also cleaned and conditioned the leather upholstery to keep it looking fresh and soft to the touch. In addition, the interior glass surfaces were cleaned, and all interior plastics were treated with a UV-protectant dressing, ensuring a clean, healthy, and comfortable environment for the car's occupants.

  • Engine Bay Detailing: The engine bay of the Honda Civic was safely degreased, cleaned, and dressed with an engine bay dressing, staying true to our comprehensive approach and leaving no stone unturned.

The SSS Fine Auto Detailing team ensured that the Honda Civic was thoroughly and comprehensively detailed, both inside and out, providing our customer with exceptional results and long-lasting protection. We are proud to offer only the best auto detailing services in our area, always focusing on customer satisfaction and the longevity of our clients' vehicles.

Project Info

  • Jun 22, 2023

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